Day #7-8: HEROthon, weed drone delivery

HEROthon was tense, but we managed to have lots of fun and learn a bit as well.

We spent most of our last two days working on our HEROthon idea, which ended up as a marijuana drone delivery (though the drone part was not that good), but we managed to see some better parts of San Francisco, as well as generally have good time.
San Francisco
HEROthon in process
HEROthon makes us tired

In the morning of 27th, we went through the things we had individually worked on in the night time and decided to go to San Francisco to really go and interview our potential clients about the idea, which then was marijuana and food delivery – so we did.

In San Francisco, we managed to go to a marijuana store, as well as question loads of people with medical cards for it, receiving good input to our idea and getting to understand the market better. It really did help us a lot, as our idea completely changed afterwards to making boxes full of samples and a review system for weed. We also could see the city in a much better light, making me rather enjoy it.

Back in San Mateo, we started woking on our idea, while having lots of fun (maybe a little bit too much fun), as well as really moving forwards. We started to develop our prototype, write our pitch and think about out business model. As Aaron is really into the idea, we all gave it our best, staying up until sun started raising.

After somewhat too much sleep, considering how little time we had, work continued. Everything was great until we thought how to incorporate cape and mask given to us by mentors, so we decided to have a last minute pivot, went to by a drone and decided we’ll start delivering the product with drones. When we finally pitched it, it went well, but the feedback said having drones incorporated was a bad idea, so we did not win, nor get points.

In the evening of 28th, we were given five hours of free time, which most spent by playing soccer or laying besides the pool. We will still have a in valuation of the program later tonight, but thats mostly all. I also managed to break my nose by swimming to close to the floor.