Special Arctic15 syndicate newsletter – Issue No. 4

Immediately after a successful Latitude59 we hopped on a ferry and headed to Arctic15. Following a gruelling series of pitches, here’s an update for you on our progress at Arctic15 and beyond.

Soon our syndicate will close—if you want to indicate your investment interest in us, visit our Syndicate Page.

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Investment interest gathered (as of June 8th, 2016): €142k from €100k investment target.

Arctic15: We had great conversations with various investors (14 meetings with different investors), but the best one occurred after a 5-10 min conversation. We can’t disclose all the details yet but something very exciting is brewing here. Stay tuned!

Favourite Arctic15 Quote: “Company with no revenue is not helping anyone. You should be making money from first day.” – Tim Draper

Fundraising: Currently, it’s 141% full (€141k), but we’re aiming to maximise our total investment interest in the remaining seven days. If you’re interested, invest now.

Customer Success Story: Last week, we received a request to help to move the home of a customer from Vienna to Düsseldorf. It will be a great case to share with you all soon.

Sales: Within the first week of June, we’ve managed to earn 50% of the revenue we made in all of May (€6.000+). This month is on pace to become the most successful yet.

Events: You could’ve met us at the British Ambassador’s Queen’s Birthday Party, but keep your eyes open for the next time we’re out networking.

Jobs: We’re always open to test out new people for operations (logistics & customer service), sales and development. Just write to jobs@shipitwise.com if you feel you’d be a great addition to our team.

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