Day #0.5: Cheat day in Istanbul

My journey towards Draper University continues with a stop in Istanbul.

The airport in Istanbul is huge and I was lost only moments after stepping out of the plane. They told me in Tallinn that upon our arrival, I should find a hotel desk, where I would be given a free hotel voucher so I wouldn’t have to sleep in the airport. But there simply was no sign showing where to go and the Turks don’t really speak understandable English.

In the end, I still managed to get the voucher, meet some fellow Estonians (Birgit & Lauri) and a really nice room in Radisson BLU (for free).

Room at Radisson BLU
I'm boarding to the plane
Dinner in Istanbul

I also started to read a new book (compulsory for us to read in DraperU), The Startup Game by William H. Draper and managed to read 26% of it on my flight. I have to say, reading books in the Kindle app on my iPad is not too bad, although I still like paperback more.

Upon my arrival to Istanbul I made two new friends, whom I was put to the same hotel with. They were doing a transit through Istanbul in order to go to France, what was apparently a good choice, as Turkish Airline gives a free hotel voucher to all of their over-night transit flyers (keep that in mind).

In the evening we went to discover the town and ended up eating some meat and pastries in a mall. I had already had 3 meals before (eggs for breakfast, whole pizza in Tallinn and some meat and a cake on the flight), but as Saturday is my cheat day, I had another one, drank some cola and ate more bread than I should have.

I’m going to elaborate on what I mean by saying “cheat day”. Basically, I decided to follow the instructions given in the book The Four-Hour Body, that I’ve just finished. According to that, I’m now on the slow-carb diet, meaning no refined, processed, starchy carbohydrates and wheat (only meat/fish/eggs, lentils/beans & salads).

But every week, you must have one day, a binge, when you eat everything (the more, the merrier) – yesterday was that day. Oh, and starting from Monday, I’m going to follow the Occam’s protocol, in order to gain around 5-8kg of muscle in the next 6 weeks. We’ll see how it goes.

As I just received a call saying my pick-up to airport will arrive soon, I’m once again switching to Estonian and will give a short summary to my grandparents. When I arrive to San Francisco, I will write about today. Take care!