Day #0: Airports and Istanbul

Finally, I’m going to Draper University.

I thought, it would be interesting to take up blogging once again in order to let you know what happens in DraperU and therefore I made this new site.

A few months ago, in January, I applied to go there and got accepted by February. I’ve been trying to find sponsors to pay the fee of $9,500 + other costs since then. I turned to businesses, lawyers, crowdfunding and universities, only to end up getting most of it from FFF (family, friends & fools).

Now, I’m sitting in Tallinn Airport, waiting for my first flight towards Istanbul, where I’ll spend the first night. I’ve already been here since 8.30 (already for 5.5h) and the flight will go at 15.25.

From Istanbul, I’ll fly to San Francisco, where I’ll spend the first two nights, before going to San Mateo, CA for the next 6 weeks. Below, there’s a list of things I took with me: (I realise there’s clearly too much stuff as I’m writing them down – thanks mom)
* Shoes (5) – two regulars (brown & black), one for sports & two flip-flops.
* Pants (8) – three pairs of jeans (black, black & beige), one pair of pants to go with suit (blue), two pairs of shorts (blue & red), one for sports & one for swimming + underwear & two belts (black & brown).
* Shirts (17) – two shirts for suit, three short-sleeved shirts, two t-shirts for sports & around ten t-shirts for everyday use.
* Blouses (2) – two blouses (grey & orange).
* Jackets (3) – one leather, one blue & one hoodie.
* Sunglasses (4) – four pairs of sunglasses (black, blue, brown & yellow).
* A sleeping bag.
* A pillow.
* A towel.
* A laptop (MacBook Pro), an iPad 2 & iPhone 4S.
* A few things to write in.
* Dietary Supplements, toiletries & other must-haves (wires, passports, money etc).

I’m going to board any minute, so I will stop here and give a short summary in Estonian for my grandparents. But you can follow me on Instagram to see more pictures.