Day #1: Arriving to San Francisco

I finally arrived to San Francisco after a day that lasted 28 hours.

The 14-hour flight from Istanbul to San Francisco went well and I managed to find my hostel as soon as I arrived here. As the day had lasted for 28 hours and I hadn’t got sleep on board, I fell asleep just after getting into my room, only waking up to put the light off.

Me on board
The hotel I stayed at
The food on board

In the morning, still in Istanbul, they served one of the biggest buffet tables I’ve seen, but due to my diet, I only took eggs and some salad. I wanted to put some cinnamon into my coffee and asked waiter to bring it, so he brought me a plate full of it :D.

Apparently they had also made some kind of an error (that I did not understand) that ended up with a free massage and turkish bath for me. I did enjoy it, even though my therapist was a “little bit” overweight man. First I had to got to sauna for 15 minutes, then he peeled me (it hurt a bit), did the massage and washed me. One might get used to such treatment.

As I was leaving the hotel, I met an Ukrainian couple that was going to Boston for some kind of an IT conference and so we spent the next hour together talking about our ideas for startups.

In the airport, I had to go through six different controls before getting on the plane. While on board (for 14 hours) I managed to end the book I had started yesterday (The Startup Game – I rather enjoyed it) and watched three movies (Minority Report, The A-Team and The Monument Men, although I slept through mot of the third one). They also fed us twice and I took two bottles of red wine (only to put one of them into my bag for rainy days).

In San Francisco airport, we had to go through another control, where they once again asked the purpose of my trip and how much money I was carrying with me. That done, I took my luggage, went on something called BART (although it’s just a train) in order to get to the downtown. After coming off at Civic Central station, I walked for a bit and reached my hostel, where I will spend the next two nights before going to Draper University in San Mateo.