Day #10: Just build something, fast!

This Tuesday, we had to show some creative results by building something fast.

We built our Rube Goldberg machine, only to pivot it just about 15 minutes before launch. We also met awesome Tina Seeling, who taught us the power of stories and were coached by Brittany Weltner on how to make logos. Then met some alumni and learned how to (not) do elevator pitches.
Build Rube Goldberg fast
Tim loved the other Tim
Got to eat

After having a Skype conference with our mentors in Student VC from around 1am to 6am (only falling asleep once for less than 10 minutes), I went to gym once again (I’m following my program just perfectly), as well as wished Lele “happy birthday”.

Later, it was time to continue work on our Rube Goldberg machine, which we first had to transport to the roof. I started on working on how to connect ours to another team’s one, while the rest started to work on ours from the other side. As it was hot out there, I took off my shirt, only to burn my back a little bit.

Around 15 minutes before, our part did not work and we decided to once again pivot, build something fast and just make it do something – so we did. Tim gave the both blizzard teams (three and three quarters) lots of points. We like to think it was mainly because we had incorporated the mouse, another Tim.

Then it was time for presenters – first up, Tina Seeling, who gave each of us a signed copy of her book, InsightOut. Her speech was really interesting, although I was still tired form not having any sleep before. Next we had Brittany Weltner speak about logo making. She was great and promised to help us, whenever we need it.

In the evening, we had a chance to choose one of the alumni and meet him. I chose Toro, who is running a VC fund with Draper in Africa. They are mainly positioning themselves to Nigeria, which has apparently the biggest ecosystem in Africa (and twice as big GDP as South Africa). He also asked me about my startup ideas and made sure I would not start looking into them in the weeks time, but now, as fast as possible to validate if there is a market.

At reflection session, we had Azra teaching us some things about elevator pitch. She made us pitch our idea to four individuals in 30 seconds only to get it pitched back to us by those people and vice-versa. I decided to give the “travelling and working” thing a go, which I am now looking into – it went well. Later on, we gathered a group to go to have dinner at some Indian place and then I went to bed.