Day #11: Focus on Social Media

This was the most useful day so far.

First we had an expert tell us about Social Media and PR, then a journalist made us think how to save their business. Later on, it was time to play Moods.

2015-07-01 12.04.31-1

There was a lip sync battle before we started our sessions. All the people, who had been late to somewhere had to sing some embarrassing songs in front of the rest.

Then we had Nicole Wool, ex-lawyer and CEO of Jonas Media PR, talk about the importance of Social Media and PR. She gave us lots of tips about what to do and how to do it, which was really useful. One thing I got from there was that in low budget, use Social Media before anything else, as it’s cheaper and so much more efficient, but be ready to put a few thousands into Facebook ads.

Later on, we had another lady, a journalist named Holly Kernan, come and talk about KQED, really big news company. She made us brainstorm how they should survive in this internet media age, when young people do not consume that much mass media anymore. Later, we had present our ideas and she chose three that got points.

After those sessions, we took the mouse back to the store and got a full refund, which was weird as we had opened and used this stuff for two days. Back at Draper, we played a game named Moods, where people have to say sentences pretending they are in some mood and the rest have to guess what mood was it. It was a great game.

Lastly, around thirty of us went to an asian place, where we ate and could have beer for two dollars as it was happy hour. By midnight, I was in my room and went to bed.