Day #13: Sell some Vibease vibrators

Vibease vibrators for sell and a couple of speakers.

Going out to sell the Vibease vibrators was our main thing for 3rd oj July. But before all that, we had a speaker tell us a story how he hustled himself to an accelerator and U.S. Then we had another marketing talk and got some insight into how survival week is going to look like. After all that, we were finally given the Vibease vibrators.

In the morning, after going to gym and eating some breakfast, we had our first speaker, Jack Smith (so original name), co-founder of Shyp, tell us a story how he hustled his way to USA. He showed us some ways how to hack LinkedIn and Facebook ads as well.

Then we had Emily Lopez from #DraperU give us a comprehensive summary on all the marketing tips we have got in all those last days. She also made us a list of tools to use when marketing.

After that a guy named Rock, from some military organisation, gave us some insight about the Survival Week that will come next week. Basically it sounds like we are going to get a military basic training by guys from Delta, Special Forces etc. We also elected team leaders, who will be taking orders from those military men and give them to us. It all sounds interesting though.

After some free time and lunch, we had a Skype call from Hermione Way, who presented us her product Vibease vibrator that we have to sell as a cold call exercise. So if any of you wants to help us out, buy one for $89 (normal price is $119) using promotional code DR53.

We posted some things online and went to San Francisco to start selling the Vibease vibrators. We met a bunch of interesting people (mostly women), whom we were trying the sell the Vibease. Two of them really thought we were conman and did not believe there is such thing, even after we showed them the website. Though, they did acknowledge that we were the best conman they had ever encountered. All in all, we did not managed to sell any of them offline (by person), but we’ll get the results of the online sells by Monday morning.