Day #17: Steak with FinTech

FinTech was the main theme of today, although having a steak w/ angels was also fun.

FinTech people from YodleeBlockscoreMotif & Intuit gave a great insight into that world. We also had dinner with two Chinese angel-investors, who bought us steak.


First up was Stewart MacGregor, who’s a Draper University alumnus, building Turing email, a new kind of email client. He was not a great speaker, but he gave us good information about how to pick your team and what to do after your co-founder leaves.

Jeanine Swatton from Yodlee talked about why FinTech is cool market and that when building anything, we should use APIs to make our process faster and less painful.

Andy Tang interviewed Chris Martin from Blockscore who said we should hang with weirdoes, who want more from life, to find co-founders.

Hardeep Walla from Motif delivered us the best speech of the day, talking about business being mostly luck. He also stressed that getting seed-round investment only requires you to have a great pitch-deck, which only happens in startup world.

Tom Proulx from Intuit showed us how they had started from nothing and grown into multi-billion company and showed how important it is to research the market.

Finally, we had Katie Hughes & Sam Wholley talk about team building, who to look for & how to find them. They also stressed the importance of having a co-founder and recommended us some books, such as Hard thing about hard things.

Later on, we went to have a dinner with Luchangs friends, angel-investors from China, starting their accelerator, mainly for technology and personal robots. They took us (our team) to dinner in this steak place named Porterhouse, and asked us about our business ideas. We thought they were probably trying to find people to their accelerator.

Now we have to figure out a way, how to drop an egg from 8th floor roof to 3rd’s, without it breaking. We’ll see what happens to the eggs tomorrow morning.