Day #19: Crush wood with hand

Have you ever crushed wood with bare hand?

Mastering your life in all areas: mind, body & spirit – this was the theme of today. We looked our values, crushed some wood and meditated in circle.

Crushing the wood
Pizza-night, yay me.

Apparently we were supposed to have a NLP session for today, but it turned out to be something way different. We had Gina Kloes & Felix Lin teaching us how to master our lives in fields such as mind, body and spirit. Btw, they also have done seminars for Tony Robbins.

First in, we had to dance and because we did not dance good enough, we had to leave the room and redo it (Tim in front of us). Then we shared our stories, both bad and good and tried to figure out our values in life. We also had to write about the most challenging time in your life – I still could not think of anything, I better find something soon.

After all that, we went to the main hall in Draper building and learned how to crush wood with our bare hand. See an example here. I failed the first time, but still managed to go through it after another try. It was fun and really empowering feeling. Some people even started to break some more wood afterwards – just for fun.

Lastly, we had a meditation session, where I just fell asleep – apparently it was a right thing to do. That’s all folks…