Day #2: Breakfast at Dottie’s

Today was all about getting to know San Francisco by eating at Dottie’s, going to the Port of San Francisco and seeing Alcatraz.

We spent the whole day walking around San Francisco with fellow students, who are also going to Draper University. Our conclusion was that San Francisco is a rather nice city with great views, nice people and good places to eat. But at the same time there are too many homeless people, who do creep you out, which is why, I would not want to live here – maybe in San Mateo, we’ll see.

Port of San Francisco
Some famous flowers

After waking up at 6 o’clock, I took some time to get ready and write about yesterday. Then around 8, I went to ask recommendations for where to eat breakfast (as it’s not served here) and where to go. The owner said I had gone to the right man, as he’s a fat person and fat people love to eat good food (not sure if a fact) and said I must go to Dottie’s, which is just two blocks from the hostel.

So I did go to Dottie’s, ordered some omelette with bacon and tomatoes, insisted on no fries next to it and had to get bowl full of fruit instead of them. The omelette was fantastic and I loved the fruit (although I shouldn’t have :/) – only problem was that it costed a lot, but I think the experience and food at Dottie’s was worth going there.

Then I went to meet another DraperU student, Dora originally from China, now living in Scotland. I went to her dorm and found her at breakfast table, where I also met two other cool guys, who are also building their startups – we pitched our ideas and changed some thoughts as Dora was getting herself ready.

Around 11 o’clock, another DraperU student, Teddy from China came to meet us and we went to see the Port of San Francisco, only coming up to meet another guy, Sebastian from Ecuador, whom with we decided to see the Golden Bridge, but managed to get only as far as a beach, where you can see Alcatraz, as we were really tired from going up-and-down on the hills. We also went to eat at a Mexican restaurant, where one could get a great meal for $3.75 and guys made lots of jokes about me going to Dottie’s, paying so much more.

We also met Abdesselam from Algeria, whom I showed some places we had been to and tested out Chipotle, another Mexican place that Timothy Ferris recommended in his book, The 4-hour Body as a perfect place if following slow-carb diet. It really was good and not that expensive either. Before coming home, we went to walk some more with the other guys, until it was starting to go dark and the homeless people crawled out of everywhere – that’s something we did not feel comfortable about.

But tomorrow we’ll be heading to Draper University, where the real adventure will start.