Day #3: The move-in day

Today was all about the move-in, as people took the whole day for arriving to Draper University.

The first impression of the students here in Draper is just wonderful. Everybody has a lot of great ideas, experience in different fields and a wish to achieve something great. It really seems that everybody is going to have lots of fun here and we might as well make many great friendships.

My room
My breakfast

After waking up it was time to pack my things, clean the room and start walking towards San Francisco Caltrain Station, which was about 1 mile from the hostel. 19 minutes later and having spent $5.75 for the ticket, I was sitting on the Caltrain, waiting for Teddy, Dora and Sebastian, who just missed it.

The ride took around thirty minutes and then I had to walk another 10-15 minutes until reaching Draper. The closer I got, the more magical it started to feel and this feeling hasn’t left me since.

At Draper, I was shown my room and staff gave me recommendations for places to eat at that go with my diet here (mostly Mexican). After others arrived, Sabrina, Niti, Sebastian and I went to eat at a place named BayWatch, which was cheaper than Dottie’s, but still costed over ten bucks.

Later on, we were given a tour around the campus, some time to bond and have lunch. At one point, after trying to get people join me at the poolside, I gave up and just went to swim alone, while some others just sat outside – I found out afterwards that no one has apparently gone swimming the first day in Draper.

In the evening, we had tutors and Andy Tang give us an introduction to the whole program and they also made us do a “name”-game, which was followed by free pizza for everyone (I was strong and didn’t take a piece :P). We also watched a movie named Accepted.

After that it was time to do the homework given to us earlier (write a bucket list, a tweet about yourself, download one app and memorise an oath). As I’ve already done it, I’m just waiting for tomorrow, when the real action will start.