Day #39: LinkedIn Apple Google Facebook

Lunch at LinkedIn, dinner at Facebook…

Luchang arranged us visits to LinkedIn, Apple, Google & Facebook. But AirBnb still has better campus (and food) than any of them.
Lego LinkedIn
Free ice cream at LinkedIn
Lunch at LinkedIn
Apple campus that never was
At Google
At Google store
Desert at Facebook
Facebook badge

We decided to go full tourist today and visit a bunch of companies with Aaron, Jose, Luchang, Christophe, Pearl, Emilio, Ben, Yay, Adrian and Daniel.

First stop was at LinkedIn, where we got to see how they work in cubicles, which the employees said is a free space compared to the ones in Oracle. We also got a free lunch there and as promised, they had great (some would say the best in Silicon Valley) food.

Next we wanted to go to Apple, got our badges and then the security came and said we cannot go in, as our “hosts” do not really know us. So they removed our badges and made us leave the building.

People in Google were much friendlier. They took us in, gave free water, showed us the buildings, but not the office space. Apparently Google has become more and more closed in the recent years. But Luchang’s friend showed us Google store and spent around $ 90 to buy some swag for people in Draper University.

Final stop was at Facebook, where we first went to a desert shop (of course, all the food there was free like usual in Silicon Valley companies). Next we went to see Instagram department, some other cafes and Facebook shop. This campus was the best looking out of the four we had been that day (also designed by the person who designed Disney Land), but still not as nice as Airbnb. We also got dinner there.

Back at Draper I packed all my stuff, as we (Christophe and I) might move out tomorrow to stay a couple of nights at Aaron’s place – a bit closer to San Francisco. And we’ll have some fare away parties later tonight.