Day #4: Team and scavenger hunt

Yesterday, we were all put into teams of six people and we are the fire blizzards.

Activities in Draper University have finally started. Other getting to know our team members, we met Tim Draper, who is taller than me and has this aura around himself, where you feel both safe and intimidated, at the same time knowing he has so much to learn from. We also had a lecture from dr. Joon Yun and a scavenger hunt around San Mateo.

Tim @ breakfast
Our team

I finally managed to go to gym before other were waking up. After visiting two outside campus that costed 80 and 180 dollars per month respectively, I came back to the one on the second floor and did all the things suggested in 4HB. I also picked up a new book, How to make friends and influence people in the DIGITL AGE by Dale Carnegie.

Then it was time for breakfast, after which some of the students had the first possibility to meet Tim, who had come to see us there, and were also able to pitch to him. From me, he asked if people are truly ready to pay us for our service. Later on, he was giving us the first speech of the day, where he asked all of us if the thing we were (about to) doing was in our heart or in our head and recommended that if it was the case of latter, we stopped doing it.

I’ve never thought about our startup like that, but somehow I felt we had started from somewhere where the issue was in my heart, but had ended up elsewhere. Therefore I might as well take the rest of the week to go through it and maybe make some changes to it.

After that we were all given a minute or two to say our name, where we were from, our introduction in 140 characters and the first or the last thing on our bucket list. What I took out of Tim’s reactions to the bucket list items is that one should not want to be a serial entrepreneur, but FOCUS on one thing at a time. If he wants to succeed. There we were also put to teams of 6 and ours, Fire Blizzards, consists of Jose, Christophe, Luchang, Pearl and Aaron, who are all great people.

Then we had our first speaker, dr. Joon Yun, who is the biggest venture capitalist in the field of health. He was showing us how nowadays healthcare system has yet to adapt the new world and made us think that maybe in a case of illness you shouldn’t take medicine to restore your things to normal, but take something to get your body go even further out from the norm, so it starts treating itself once again, like when you are young and your homeostatic capacity is still big. He ended his talk by saying that one should just do more exercise to keep his body in a state where it is strong to always treat itself.

After lunch, we had a scavenger hunt, where we had to tie our team together and get or do 43 things in the town in the next two hours time and then make a story with those things that we told Tim. We ended up printing or drawing most of the stuff and managed to get 1.94 points for our story (which is about the average teams got). Then I went to the pool, after which we had a dinner and a hour to reflect everything we had done so far.

Our next assignment is to pick one topic from the book, Physics of the future and present it with an idea how to make it 10x better (concept thought to us by dr. Joon Yun as well). We started to do it yesterday, but I managed to fall asleep (which I still feel bad for), so we have to continue doing it today.