Day #5: Our first sports day

Listen to 4.5 amazing speeches, play volleyball with crazy rules and nuke a whole continent in the game of Risk – just one day here.

The life here in Draper just keeps on getting more crazy every minute. We get to hear impressive stories, ask questions from some of the greatest minds and be really competitive all the time.

Bill Draper
The co-founder of Hotmail

First, we had Tim open the day for us by encouraging us ask stupid questions, go to the world of uncertainty and start putting weird stuff together in order to succeed in life. Then came Erin Wilson, a great leader in education technology, who had an interview of sorts with Andy Tang, the CEO of Draper. I mostly used this time to write questions about my own startup.

Afterwards we had Sabeer Bhatia, the cofounder of Hotmail tell us his story and how only in last year the world sold around 1.5 billion smart devices and the number is growing for this year (where are people putting them all?) and how you really have to have belief while working on your startup, without thinking if it’s going to succeed or not. Just give it your best shot!

We ate lunch and then had a class on mediation of sorts with Kristy MacGregor. Apparently it will help you grow your intuition and imagination stronger and that’s why many top leaders do it. So we had to give it our best shot as well.

Then we finally met Bill Draper, in some ways, one of the founders of Silicon Valley itself. He was telling us we have to lead the way, without really thinking about wanting to be a leader, but just give it our best shot again. He also asked three students to share their success as a leader and three others do the same about their failure – I decided to be in the last bunch. I also asked what is his favourite book besides his own – apparently its something named Boys in the boat.

Half an hour later, we were already moving towards a park, where we started to do sports and play volleyball, with two balls in play at all times, as well as making new rules after every time a team got three points in the row. So we had to play the game always facing the sun and do a circle after touching the ball, as well as take a lap if a team loses three points in a row. Our team had to take three of those laps, but overall we won more games than our opponents.

Back at Draper, I took some time to swim and eat, before we started to play a game named Nuclear Risk, where all the old rules apply, but you can get a nuke to nuke a continent. Christophe was dominating the game and Jose + team of Pearl and I were not doing that well, until Christophe used a nuke and everybody started to punish him for that, making us a way to take over Asia and win the game with Pearl. Apparently we will now get to test-drive a Tesla or was it to go to Tesla’s factory as a prize. Whichever, I’m happy.

In the night time, we also tried to finish our presentations about some scientific idea, which we’ll try to make 10 times better or great, while in cardio room, burning calories. I think we might be going a bit further than just 10 times.

Overall, it’s great fun so far and we have lots of opportunities to learn.