Day #6: We are making new planets

This Friday was more about individual work.

We presented our 10x idea about creating new planets and started to work on another idea in HEROthon (aka hackathon). Other than that, we had two presentations by Ching-Yu from SkyBox Imaging and one about Lean Startup.

DraperU wall
Pearl & Emilio

At breakfast we went through our presentation for the 10x idea and by that time I had found out that in theory it could be possible to generate new planets out of nothing (okay, light), so we were safe to present the idea that way. Unfortunately Tim didn’t like our plan that much, because apparently we should have only presented the 10x thing, but we started from smaller things, moving towards it. Aaron clearly wasn’t happy for that kind of a decision, but that’s life.

I rather enjoyed the presentation about SkyBox and this clearly made my interest in space technology grow, but let’s leave this thing for a future ahead. At lunch time, I had my first meeting with my mentor (Jack) here, and I just presented him the idea I have been working on, as well as the other one about travelling and finding work at the same time. He gave good feedback and ideas how to research both of them, so I could choose which one of those I want to be presenting later on.

Afterwards, we had a presentation about Lean Startup, which was interesting, but still managed to disappoint me, as the presenter had not prepared that well and just went through all the topics too quickly.

Last but not least, it was time for HEROthon to start. Around 25 to 30 people pitched their ideas and then had to find people to join them in order for us to have a hackathon from Friday to Sunday. Even though I pitched one idea as well, I still ended up going into another team consisting Aaron, Jose, Sophia and Teddy and we worked with our idea until around one o’clock, only to go to bed and get ready for a day full of hacking. (I’m not going to present the idea yet)