Day #9: Let’s become creative!

In the beginning of this week, we had to start thinking how to be more creative.

First, we were introduced with JauntVR a virtual reality company, who is working with live-cinema experience. Then had to design our own airport in a creative way, meet with DraperU alumni and start working on our Rube Goldberg.

2015-06-29 20.37.47
Creative mouse

In the morning, we had a chance to try on virtual reality headset and watch a 360 degree short film, as well as listen to the firms investor, who has also invested in GoPro and Pandora. After that session, we were told that we have to make a Rube Goldberg machine by the next morning.

Next I had a one-on-one session with Kristy, who is a life coach or something like that. She made me talk about myself up to Draper, why I decided to go there and also rate my life in eight areas – we found out, I am mostly happy with all the bits of it, with knowing that I just need to start making more money to support myself. We also picked a couple of fields where I could grow, but she reckoned I am quite self-aware person.

Then we had the creative session to design our own airport or something from there, but I was concentrating on learning how to build a Rube Goldberg machine. Later on, we had a session with a Draper University alumni, Scott Edwards and his team from DropWater talking about their startup story.

In the evening, we started to plan our creative machine, as well as went to PetCo to buy a white mouse and to Target to get other stuff. No, we still do not know what we use the mouse for, but we can take her back today and get our money back (technically Draper’s money, as we were all given $100 for the thing). When back in DraperU, I had a Skype conference with people in our Student Accelerator, that lasted until 5 am.