Days #15-16: Grumbler the VC

Grumbler has become a hit, while I had a session with my mentor, who also wants to become a VC.

Grumbler, Zappos, Reflection session, IndieGoGo campaign and Pitch-deck are some things we worked on. I’ve also written down a list of things to have in a pitch-deck.

UPDATE: Grumble used to be a site we made for fun in Draper University, which had no design and was made for people to be able to Grumble, that means whine and bitch.

Tunde is buried

I was thinking about what kind of startups get a billion dollar valuation and realised that most of them were kind of useless platforms, such as Snapchat and Instagram. As a joke, I decided to pitch an idea of Grumbler to everybody at breakfast and got Jose & Christophe to join the team.

It only took around 5 hours to make a platform for billions of people – a safe place for them to whine about stuff. It’s like YouTube commentary, but imports all grumbling together to one platform. One day later, we already have four pages of content on Grumbler, as well as on our Twitter account and Facebook page, and we have started a IndieGoGo campaign. We’ll see what happens.

On more serious note though, we had Tony Hsieh from Zappos to talk about their company culture, which not only tries to make the employees happy, but also builds the community around the company. For example, they built a zoo into their campus to help a lady, who had one, but got more sick. This clearly was an interesting talk, giving a new perspective.

During reflection session, we once again summarised the last couple of days, and were given a task to make a IndieGoGo project (other than the Grumbler one). After working on it for one night and another morning, we had one about a concept named RingRing. As it’s still in development, it’s not public yet. Presenting of it though, did not go that well, as we did not manage to open the project draft.

Jack & I also worked on my startup ideas (other than Grumbler). He asked me to prepare vision, one liner and marketsize for them and we went through them (QuikTract, Teach&Travel and a VC firm). Idea for a VC firm came to me only after talking to Toro (an alumni in DU) and reading an article about Tim’s interests in Europe. We decided I’m going to take two days to analyze it and decide then, which of these I’m going to work on until the pitch day.

We also had quick presentation about what to include in a pitch-deck that I’m going to share now:
* Title – Name of the company/concept/idea.
* Problem – What, why and maybe add for whom?
* Solution – What’s the solution going to be?
* Model – What’s your business in there & how do you make money?
* Marketsize – What’s your total accessible market? (put a big number there)
* Competition – Who are already on the market and you better not say there’s no one!
* Team – Who and what’re their expertise + why this team?
* Status – What have you done so far?
* Financials – Show us the numbers!
* Ask – What do you want? Money? Team? Contacts?

Later on, I had a mentor session with Sean Bill, an angel investor, who recommended I’d put together a sample deal for my future pitch for the VC if I were to go through with this idea. We also had Tommaso di Bartola from, who showed us the real culture of Silicon Valley and what it means to be local here (we are all immigrants here).