Days #32-33: Slide decks

We have all spent our last two days making slide decks for the Pitch day, only five days away.

These past days we have had speakers talk to us about raising money, powering up our networks, accelerators, legal stuff, EverString, Thumbtack and millennials in general. But our focus has been on our slide decks.

Slide deck

On Wednesday, Brett Jurgens told us about his company Notion and how we should be thinking how to scale from early on. Then, Gary Jinks showed us what angel investors really want you to have in your slide deck and things we need to get investment. I liked how he said that most people don’t have a game changing idea, but just better, faster and lower cost.

Later on, Heidi Roizen came to talk about how to power our networks. Apparently people only win in startups if they help others win, therefore one should always be willing to help others. In the accelerator panel we learned that we should show progress and interest in our ideas to raise fund. Also, startups should raise when they grow and don’t need it. After that is was just time to work our slide decks.

On Thursday, I felt most of the sessions shouldn’t have been there, as I still wanted to work on my slide deck. But I still went to listen Jared Brubaker talk about everything concerned legality of startups.

On lunch time I almost finished my slide deck and then went to listen to Vincent Yang talk about EverString and then Marco Zappacosta from Thumbtack. I rather enjoyed Thumbtack’s story, as it gave many ideas about what we should have focused on when building QuikTract.

Later, I had a quick chat with an investor, who works for Peter Thiel, who really did not like my idea about starting a VC fund now. Then, I finally finished my slide deck and we finished our day by attending a book signing event for “2 Billion Under 20”. There we had a panel of millennials tell us their story, what makes them special and why many of them haven’t gone to college.

I also talked to Toro about the whole idea once again and we reached to a great plan. In short, include either the EBS or University of Tartu’s incubator, make an accelerator (with fund) and start making deal flow for Silicon Valley VC firms. After the talk, I sent out some e-mails, chose the song that is going to be playing while I walk towards stage and made a logo for the VC fund, currently named EstFlow (the blue colour does not always go there).

Viimased kaks päeva oleme töötanud oma powerpoint presentatsiooni kallal, mida kasutame tuleval teisipäeval oma startupi või ideed presenteerides. Meile räägitud ka sellest, kuidas saada investeeringuid ja lahendada juriidilisi küsimusi. Lisaks kuulsime mõne üsna eduka ettevõtte loomislugu.

Õhtul rääkisime veel Toroga ning tekkis paar geniaalset mõtet, kuidas antud fondi mõtet unikaalsemaks muuta ja sealhulgas olla kasulikum nii Eesti startupidele, kui ka USA investoritele. Lisaks valisin loo, mille saatel pitchima lähen ning valmistasin ka algelise logo.