Funderbeam Syndicate newsletter – Issue No. 2

Shipitwise was recently recognised as two of the “Top 30 Nordic/Baltic Startups To Watch In 2016.”

Here’s a short update on our progress from the last week! And know that our Funderbeam syndicate is still open for more investment interest until 13th of June.

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Investment interest gathered on Funderbeam (as of May 27th, 2016): €134k from €100k minimum investment target.

Fundraising: We currently have 134% investment interest on Funderbeam and we’re in process of getting some bigger investors on board.

Product: Our new website wireframe is retting ready and will be put into development soon. Also, our partners have recently begun to provide fixed prices for shipping motorcycles. This means we’re able to put them into price matrixes and will soon release our new order form with the first instant pricing capabilities.

Sales: There are a couple of new exclusive sales leads in the travel sector whom are interested in providing our service to their customers.

Team: Last week, a couple of our team members attended Your Design Works, a seminar focusing on user journey mapping. During which, they worked on making our value proposition more easily understandable for current and potential customers. This is something we’ll continuously be working on.

Events: We were at Pioneers and will be attending Latitude59, and Arctic15. If you’d like to meet, please email:

Jobs: We’re still in process of finding extra developers. If you’re interested, send CV to or spread the word.

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