Project: University #4 – Getting the first response

It has been three weeks since my last post and there has been some first response to my attempts to get into an university in Great Britain. As I already might have mentioned, then Cambridge requested that I would send them some certain documents and an essay in English. In addition, some other universities have made some requests and one of them has moved further. Other than the university application process, I also travelled to Germany few weeks ago to visit the school there that has some close relations with Sütevaka.

Hereby I return to keep You updated with the topic of me applying to university. I truly hope that reading my blog posts will inspire You to apply to different universities all-over the world. Maybe they will even help You get Your applications going and if You have any questions You cannot find answers from elsewhere, then feel free to ask me.

Applying to the UK (via UCAS)

After I returned from my travels to Germany, I quickly had to finish the process of sending some documents to the University of Cambridge. While I was away from the country, the university had answered to one of my e-mails, saying that they would accept my research paper on the topic of Analysing Social Networks in the case of Sütevaka. In order to do so, I had to translate the paper from Estonian to English. Originally it was 37 pages long, but after the translation process it was a bit shorter. Next step was printing it out, but not just one copy of it, but five, which took some time and money. After that, I also had to send it to the University of Cambridge with post by 15th of November – all 178 pages. Although that is all done by now.
Other than Cambridge, University of Warwick also sent me an e-mail, about how they would need my school to send them the predictions of my grades – this is now the next thing I have to discuss with the university, whether They truly need me to send the predictions or the transcription of my grades up to this point. But this is a question to be answered later on.UPDATE: Warwick never answered me back about the question, but e-mailed the same question to my form teacher, who also turned them down – I do hope that this is not the reason why they might not give me an offer.
Yesterday I also got an answer from the college of Magdalene in the university of Cambridge, saying that I am expected to show up at the interviews on the 11th of December. This is great news, as now I am one step closer to getting a place in Cambridge, which I would really love to have. Let’s hope that I will show myself as a worthy student on the interviews and then get a positive first response in the end… At this point I have booked my flight from Riga to London on the 10th of December and I will come back on the 12th.

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