Special Latitude59 syndicate newsletter – Issue No. 3

This week we celebrated a hardworking and successful Latitude59. We thank all of you who joined us and visited the Demo Area.

Today, Shipitwise is pitching at Arctic15. Let us know if you’d like to meet us. As this is a special week, here’s a short update on our progress and Latitude59. Next week, we’ll share our update on Arctic15.

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Investment interest gathered (as of June 2nd, 2016): €135k from €100k investment target.

Latitude59: Our CMO, Sander spent the entire event with Tim Draper, who had previously said “No” to us. But by the end of the event, he sent an email asking for our investor deck. If that’s not a great story, we don’t know what is.

Favourite Latitude59 Quote: “You should talk to your customers more.” – Hardi Meybaum

Fundraising: We currently have 135% of investment interest, and are focusing the next ten days to close 1-2 angels with €50k+ with the help of EstBAN’s syndication call.

Customer Success Story: We love our customers and they love us. That’s why we’re constantly writing about their stories on our blog.

Sales: Last month, our revenue grew by 400% to €12.5k, out of which 30% is our margin.

Team: We’re currently in the process of adding a developer to our team, starting with a two-week bootcamp.

Events: We’re pitching at Arctic15 today. You’ll have a chance to meet us next at the British Ambassador’s Queen’s Birthday Party.

Jobs: We’re always keeping an eye on potential hires. Currently, we’re looking for more back end developers, logistics and sales personnel.

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