Weekly Reading: List of great content last week

Weekly Readings are a series of blog posts highlighting the best pieces of content I’ve read or listened to during the week. Give me feedback if you enjoy it. And suggestions if you don’t. Just to make it better for other guys.

It’s like I’m eating content. 100+ articles a day. 10+ podcasts a week. 5+ books a month. There’s amazing content. Some “unique content“. Lots of bad things. That’s why I’m starting to combine lists of the great content’ I’ve read throughout the last week. This is a test.

Great content out there.

25 books that you should read. VCs such as Peter Thiel and Mark Cuban listed books they’ve found useful to get where they are. There’s some quite interesting picks.

Every imaginable damn startup podcast reviewed. Lately, I’ve discovered podcasts for myself. But there really are lots of them. So how to find the best ones.

Every Resource You Need to Launch a Startup in 2016. Once you go through this list, there’s no more questions about what and how to do it.

16 startup metrics by A16Z. What gets measured, gets improved. That’s a truth I’ve been raised up with. And here’s a great lists of possible things to measure.

Startup guide to common tax terms. Here’s Virgin’s cheat sheet of some of the main tax terms explained.

Stealth is Overrated. Startups seem to think they should stay hidden until their product is “ready”. This is clearly false. Startups should use every opportunity to get their name out.

Here’s Where Too Many Startups Go Wrong. Here’s a compiling answer to “How do you know it’s time to drop your startup idea?

What’s eating Silicon Valley. Lately, people seems to leave Silicon Valley. For one, they might be coming to Estonia. But there’s much more to it according to Andrew.

Marketing a startup.

10 Books Every Marketer Needs to Have in Their Library. There is many marketing books out there for new or even seasoned marketers to indulge in. But which ones deserve the time of day? Hubspot shared their collection of ten must-reads.

How to market a new company from scratch? How and where should you generate sales leads? That’s a question classic books don’t always answer to. But one could follow this guide.

Bootstrapper’s Guide to Startup PR. Are you ready for press? How do you prepare? Founder Institute has put together a great guide for that.

Fun tools for startups.

Hackathon starter kit. Next time at a hackathon, waste no time on deciding what applications to choose. Use those and start building your MVP.

A master list of free tools for lean startups. After a hackathon, use those tools to keep building your company.