Networking Sauna Night: Contriber

Networking Sauna – It Turns Out People Love To Network Naked.

Yet again, starting entrepreneurs, students and other activists in Tartu had a chance to take their clothes off and start networking. Same plan. Different speakers. It is all about Tartu’s monthly Networking Sauna event.

Networking Sauna
On the 1st of December, a group of Economic students in cooperation with Idealab, hosted Networking Sauna yet again. It was an event, where successful startup founders told their stories and everybody had a chance to ask questions, network, drink beer and go to sauna. This time, the event attracted twenty four (24) people.

GreenHouseFirst, Greenhouse with Triin Kask.

Greenhouse helps you build hassle-free continuous integration, test and share your iOS & Android apps for every commit. You’ll be up and running with just a few clicks. In fact, we learned that Greenhouse is not a typical startup, but a spin-off of Mobi Lab.

After graduating, Triin started her first startup, managed to live in Silicon Valley for three months and came back to close her startup down. Almost like my story. Since then, she has been active building the ecosystem in Tartu. That’s until Mobi Lab askedher to join Greenhouse. Throughout this time, she has been raising her two kids!

Her suggestion was for everyone to go out. Return. And go out yet again. You cannot build a big company, without seeing some first!

ContriberSecond, Contriber with Rein Lemberpuu.

Contriber is a more human experience in online collaboration. Contriber helps you manage your team’s online collaboration: internal group-chats, tasks, and file sharing. The project management tool that you were missing.

Rein is already a successful entrepreneur. He used to be the CEO of PlayTech. He has experienced success. But now, he is building something for a longer time. That’s why at Contriber, they do not do things by the book. In fact, they do not plan to exit, but start paying dividends ASAP.

Rein also warned us from being too wide with the features we plan to offer. And not to be impatient and change your focus too fast. Especially when dealing with B2B companies. They take longer to implement your services! But keep up a positive attitude. Because the world mirrors your beliefs.

BOLD GadgetsThird, BOLD Gadgets with Ismat Tuffaha.

At BOLD Gadgets, they build BOLD Knot: Power Bank-Charger-Cable on a Keychain. 3 hours extra battery, with 2x times faster charging usb cable available for iPhone and Android.

BOLD Gadgets is an alumni of BuildIt accelerator, that has already raised $123,939 through IndieGoGo campaign. So he was giving us a quick brief about how they achieved that. With lots of work and great attitude!

Networking Sauna with all of us.

We ended the night by taking a sauna, where everybody shared their stories and discussed how to take their project steps further. At the same time, we were drinking beer from A. Le Coq and eating chips from Lay’s – our two sponsors for the event.

A. Le CoqLays