Networking Sauna Night Rises

Networking Sauna – Who Would Not Want To Network Naked?

Finally, starting entrepreneurs, students and other activists in Tartu have a chance to experience the lost art of networking in saunas. That is because a group of students started to host a monthly Networking Sauna event.

Networking Sauna

On the 3rd of November, a group of Economic students in cooperation with Idealab, hosted Networking Sauna. It was an event, where successful startup founders told their stories and everybody had a chance to ask questions, network, drink beer and go to sauna. The event attracted thirty nine (39) people, out of half also went to sauna.

VoogFirst, Voog with Teet Parts.

Voog helps you build beautiful websites that speak foreignese. It is a mess-free platform that enables you to build awesome websites with a creative flow. Focus on what really matters to you: Voog is exceptionally easy to design, straightforward to build for and unbelievably simple to use.

Teet told us the idea behind Voog, showed us the vision about where it is going and shared his contacts for any of us to get a voucher for starting our websites on Voog.

Sport IDSecond, SportID with Marti Soosaar.

SportID manages your company’s sports benefits. They have created SportID so that reaching agreements with sports clubs, compensating cheques and encouraging employees to get more active would not become an additional work obligation.

Marti shared how they faked their team in the beginning to be able to go through Startup Wise Guys accelerator, how it helped them and how they are currently trying to copy their success in other markets. He also gave away a free voucher to the person with the quickest reaction.

3D Creationist

3D Creationist

Third, 3D Creationist with Kristjan Järvan.

3D Creationist is the easiest app on the market to create 3D models. It uses basic shapes (cube, sphere, cylinder, cone, donut etc.) to create any 3D models. From the simplest design to the most complex objects – you can make anything by simply moving, rotating and resizing different shapes into the right place.

Kristjan was more open about his controversial thoughts on startups. He suggested none of us to start a startup. Not because it would not work. But because startups, in his mind, are usually more like a scam, where people are solely paid for how good their pitch-deck is, not based on the change they would make. At the same time, he shared his good experience and gave some tips to any of us, who would end up building a startup.

Networking Sauna with all of us.

We ended the night by taking a sauna, where everybody shared their stories and discussed how to take their project steps further. At the same time, we were drinking beer from A. Le Coq and eating chips from Lay’s – our two sponsors for the event.

By now, we have also contacted with most of the participants to ask how to make networking sauna events even better and have got some great input. So next time, it will be even better. Keep your eyes open and let’s meet in sauna.

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