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Pitching Training – Do You Really Know How To Pitch Your Startup?

There are many articles telling how one should approach to writing or delivering a pitch. Most startups have even participated in some pitching training events. Still, there are constant mistakes that most speakers do. What mistakes are those?

Garage48 HUB Tartu

On the 7th of December, UT IdeaLab and Garage48 HUB Tartu in cooperation with Gleb Maltsev, the founder of Stoneful,  held a pitching training. Unlike other workshops on this topic, Gleb focused on the whole package. From research. To delivery.

What’s A Pitch?

The general public sees a pitch as a way to sell your idea to investors, judges and users. That’s not entirely true. Pitch’s a conversation. As Gleb said, “If you are trying to sell stuff, you are probably doing a bad job.” Therefore, make it easy for audience to start a conversation. What do you want them to remember? Why?

Gleb Maltsev

Preparing For A Pitch.

Did you know Neil Armstrong made a mistake, when saying: “That’s one small step for [a] man, one giant leap for mankind.” He forgot to add the “a”. This really changes the meaning. And he was a native speaker, who spent hours preparing for this sentence. So non-native’s would have to prepare even more.

Average person spends around two hours on preparing for a speech. Gleb said, it should more likely be 30-90 hours. There’s research. Finding out who’s the audience. Generating ideas. Collecting feedback. Writing a script for the speech. Sketching the storyboard. Designing your visuals. And only then, there’s rehearsal.

Gleb Maltsev

Delivering The Pitch.

Gleb made some great suggestions based on four pitches, held by people from Hireyoung, GrID, GoWorkaBit and EstCube.

Sander Gansen

  • Pronounce your and your companies name slowly! Even seasoned entrepreneurs tell their names too fast, leading to misunderstanding.
  • Don’t be a machine! Your pitch needs to show the audience a bit of your personality. Don’t just rattle off your text.
  • Show people, why you care! Audience must understand why you give a damn.
  • You never know who’s listening to you! Your investor might be sitting in there.
  • Don’t throw around fancy acronyms! Using too many buzzwords is a no-go.

You can get Gleb’s slides from here.

All in all, if you want someone to write your pitch for you, contact Gleb. He knows his shit!