Project: University #2 – Sending UCAS away

In my last post, I mentioned that if you want to apply for medicine or to Oxbridge, the deadline is 15th of October and therefore lately I have had some busy times in order to perfect my UCAS application, while also handling school-work and just trying to have fun. As of yesterday afternoon, I sent my UCAS application out, so a stone has dropped in my heart.Hereby I return to keep You updated with the topic of me applying to university. I truly hope that reading my blog posts will inspire You to apply to different universities all-over the world. Maybe they will even help You get Your applications going and if You have any questions You cannot find answers from elsewhere, then feel free to ask me.

Applying to the UK (via UCAS)

Since the last time I wrote something on my blog a lot has changed. First of all, I decided it was for the greater good if I changed some courses that I am applying to. I realised that if my first choice is Cambridge, I should be stating not only, why I want to study politics but also, why I want to study sociology but to do so, I needed to choose sociology as the field for me to study in other universities as well. Therefore I went through all the courses that my chosen universities were offering and I ended up with the following choices: University of Cambridge (L000 – Human, Social, and Political Sciences), London School of Economics and Political Studies (L301 – Sociology), University of Edinburgh (LL32 – Sociology and Politics), University of Durham (LMV0 – Combined Honours in Social Sciences) and University of Warwick (LL23 – Politics and Sociology). It can be seen that not all the courses are the same but after some research that Augur and I made, this was the best outcome that we were able to get to and I believe it is quite a good one indeed.Changing my choices allowed me to rewrite most of my Personal Statement but I really do think it was the best thing for me to do and even Augur with many others have already stated that the new version really is much better than the earlier one – or at least a bit less cocky if you might say so. I do trust them and even I felt that the new outcome was more personal and therefore easier to connect to. Having finished my Personal Statement, I was able to relax and now I just needed my referee to submit her reference letter to my application, although as she is a quite busy lady, it took a bit longer time than expected but in the long run it got done as well. Before I could send my application out, I still needed to do one more thing.

In the UCAS application part, You have to fill in information about your education up to this point and when You have or will receive a qualification from any of Your schools, You have to state it correctly. As a student coming from Estonia, where I have not taken A-level’s or studied in the IB program, I needed to state that my qualification is called: “Estonian Gümnaasiumi Lõputunnistus” and under that I had to write about the modules it consists of but as I had the chance to either put down my forthcoming state exams or all of my taken subjects, I had to ask around to find out which of the options had others chosen, when they were applying to the UK. In the end, I still needed to turn to professionals, people who earn money from it – a company named Dream foundation. A nice lady called Katriin Visamaa not only told me to add state exams (and if my case, also the school exams) but she also checked through all of my application and gave her approval to it, therefore I was able to send it out (after paying £23 fee to UCAS via credit card).

Now it was done and since then I have already received two e-mails from different universities (EDIT: As of now, all of the universities that I was applying have responded that they received my application). University of Edinburgh, which sent me my username for their tracking system and University of Cambridge, which sent me a request to fill SAQ form, where they ask for some additional information (such as your picture, why you have chosen Cambridge and so on). Thankfully I do have time to fill the form until 22nd of October, as I now have to think and write some more (some of the questions let you write up to 1200 characters which is almost one third of Personal Statement’s capacity).

Applying to other countries
When I already went to Dream foundation  I also asked about the other countries that I have been thinking to apply to just as a plan H, I and forward. Katriin kindly showed me how to apply to the Netherlands, while also explaining that their system is much more chaotic than for example UCAS system. She also promised to ask around from her friends, what universities should I be considering, when applying to there, as there you can choose up to four different universities.When talking about Italy, she was not that helpful as it is quite an extraordinary thought to go to study there, as they might not have that good lecturers – not that they would be bad but their English might not be the best and therefore she is still most likely suggesting the UK or the Netherlands.Today I also remembered that if all else would fail, I could also go for universities in South Africa, which would not be that bad of an idea as well, as I really do love the country and they do speak English and still have a good climate (just as Italy)…

Well, in any case, these things are still just thoughts as the UK is still my main priority with University of Cambridge being my first choice but we have to see, how that option is going to be.

On other notes

This week we also ended our first period of the last year in Sütevaka and I managed not to ruin my certificate with a D in Biology as I still got a C in it. Now I just have to take one more test in physics to close the period and continue with another one. Also the school trip to Germany is just ten days away and our German teacher is really stressing about it.Other than that, we also had a wonderful three-day seminar in Tallinn with some very inspiring speakers from all over the Europe, who made me think in many ways and now I probably just have to continue with going higher and higher!

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