Project: University #3 – Sending SAQ away

Not much has changed since my last post, where I said, I sent my UCAS application away. As I already mentioned, Cambridge sent me a request to fill their SAQ form, where they want to get some extra information about me, my school work and my reasons why I want to go to university (more accurately, my reasons why to go to Cambridge). That has been done by now and also all of the universities have replied to my application.Hereby I return to keep You updated with the topic of me applying to university. I truly hope that reading my blog posts will inspire You to apply to different universities all-over the world. Maybe they will even help You get Your applications going and if You have any questions You cannot find answers from elsewhere, then feel free to ask me.

Applying to the UK (via UCAS)
Starting from last Sunday, all of the universities where I applied to have sent me their confirmations of receiving my applications. First two to reply within the first three hours were Cambridge (sending me the SAQ form and some other instructions) and Edinburgh (telling me they will probably not make decisions before they have received each and every application). Two days later, I also got a letter from LSE, telling me they are making their decisions on a rolling bases, starting from November (while aiming to have decisions about all the on-time applications by 31st of March). Last but not least, Warwick and Durham also replied, telling me that they will not start the process of the application examining until they have all the applications, as they want to be fair. In other words, the only university where I can hope to get an answer earlier than March is Cambridge. – At the same time, one of my friends already got an offer from Glasgow. The SAQ form, that I had to fill for Cambridge was not as easy job as I would have hoped, as other than wanting me to rewrite my address and add my picture. They also wanted to know about all the subjects that I have studied in Gymnasium (including class sizes and topics that we have covered up to now), the marks I have received until now and it was optional to write why you wanted to go to Cambridge, what are your plans for the future and how have you kept up your interest in the chosen course subjects. After going through some forums in order to know what to write and what not to write, I was able to send it away by the deadline. Now I just have to fax them some documents, including two examples of my writings – since I do not have anything in English, I will be going to call to the admissions office later today.
On other notes

I successfully managed to close my last period with getting a B in Physics, which meant that my Physics annual grade will also be 5. Other than that, the vacation started and day after tomorrow, we will fly to Germany, where we will stay until 2nd of November (I hope to receive the UCAS letter by then as well).

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