Recap of Startup Wise Guys

Thank you, Startup Wise Guys! For accelerating us to ‘Ludicrous’ mode.

Last three months have been a blast. Full of ups and downs. All needed to get us to the position we’re at. But every prequel has to end. To make room for the real story that’s about to start. But before that! Here’s a recap of those three months at Startup Wise Guys.

Startup Wise Guys BusinessTech 6th program

As you might know, the idea of Shipitwise was born already in the November of 2014. But the real work only started after we’d been accepted to Startup Wise Guys. Why’s that so?

Probably because our team consists of industry experts. All of whom had their other attention grabbing businesses. But all of that had to be put on hold as we started the acceleration process. Aleksander, Olari and Sander moved out of their homes in other towns. Others quit their jobs. Or reduced the time put in those. Everyone was about to focus on one thing. And that’s the only reason why we’ve arrived here.

What’s here?

It’s over 200 price quote requests over the course of three months. All over Europe (and the rest of the world). It’s over 20 business customers. And many more individuals. It’s over 50 logistics partners in our chain. Big and small. It’s changes in the team. Some great, some silly. But overall, it’s understanding the business we’re in!

Shipitwise Traction Countries

So what did Startup Wise Guys really give us?

  1. Four great workshops. Lean Sales Machine. Engaging Products. Scaling the Machine. And Funding Growth.
  2. Opportunity to meet over fifty mentors and investors. All over from Europe, and the US.
  3. Understanding of what KPI’s to focus on. And how to keep our future expectations realistic.


Over the course of three months, we had four mini-events. Each focusing on a specific issue at hand.

First, the Lean Sales Machine was all about getting us to a mindset of Lean Startup Model. How to build, measure and learn? Yes, it’s basic. And the main presenter was so-so. But still, people apparently got a lot from it. So much that our CTO would still love to add “Build, measure, learn”-ideology into our pitch.

Second, Engaging Products taught us how to build our products in a way that they’d do most of the marketing for us. Somewhat, growth hacking. And those guys gave lots of input on how to really measure everything. Lots of great ideas and tools.

Third, Scaling the Machine was all about marketing, pricing and sales. It was by far the best input. Surely, those guys were simply amazing. Check out: Pricing Intelligently!

Fourth, Funding Growth helped us understand how to fundraise. And how much to fundraise. Or more likely, how much money we’d need to build this awesome solution we have in mind. That will change the way you experience international shipping!

Mentors and Investors

As always, every mentor wants to help with his input. And every investor has a clear understanding in why and how he invests into startups. But startups shouldn’t take it all as truth. More likely, accept all feedback but question everything.

Some to the guys helped us to find answers to unanswered questions. Others were somewhat useless. But that’s life. Not everyone can be useful. Or should be.

It’s simply important that every now and then someone asks you a question you don’t have an answer to. This then makes you think more. And reach further.

KPI’s and Future Expectation

When joining Startup Wise Guys, Erik had us choose the KPI’s we’d be following from now on. To simply understand where our business stands. Therefore we chose # of requests, # of sent packages and # of partners (both logistical and business customers).

Only we were sure that we’d reach to 300 packages sent per day. 9000 per month By the end of the program. Which we didn’t for obvious reasons. It would’ve meant over 100’000€ in monthly revenue. But also a totally working product and over 10’000 page visits a day. Somewhat naive.

But Startup Wise Guys also helped us get a better understanding in what’s really possible.

What’s next?

Today, on the 14th of April, we’ll be pitching at Startup Wise Guys Demo Day. And will also reveal a great opportunity for all of you! Be ready… And let’s make international shipping as easy as calling for Uber or sending a text.

First published on Shipitwise’s blog on the 14th of April.

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