Estonian startup, Shipitwise brings international shipping to 21st century

Estonian startup Shipitwise’s the new example of sharing economy in Estonia. The company’s about to launch a service that’ll break the ancient chain of logistics and will make international shipping an automatic cloud service. Meanwhile, they’re about to raise money on a new startup marketplace, Funderbeam. That’s about to launch tomorrow.

“We started with motorcycles, and have by today shipped big dogs. Bull Mastiffs from London to Moscow. Domestic animals Blood samples. Skis. And much more,” said Aleksander Gansen, the co-founder of the company.

The idea to create such a company arouse from the founders own needs. “It happened on the 29 of November, 2014 in London, when there was no possibility to send a big horse statue to Estonia. And we never got the statue due to lack of suitable transportation solution,” said Gansen.

Shipitwise solution is made to be very easy for the client to use. “People go to our site. Chooses what they want to send. Adds the dimension and information on how quickly the item needs to be shipped. They’ll then receive an instant quote. Confirm it and work begins. Courier comes, picks up the item (packaged or not) and delivers it. It’s possible to track the process. But in the overall picture, they don’t need to worry about anything until it reaches the destination,” Gansen described the course of events.

The company’s value lies in the fact that they do something that today’s courier services don’t. “We’ll make big and small courier companies and moving companies cooperate. Meanwhile also adding the companies taking care of the packing.”

“This way we can break the old logistics chains. And build new ones consisting of the pick up, packing, transit and delivery parts that can be optimized and replaced,” he said. “We also use a variety of partners on different routes, depending on their strengths, price and speed. And can offer a better, cheaper and faster service to our customers.”

Gansen said the company is special for the same characteristic, AirBnB and Transferwise have. “We collect, analyze and validate the information of a very large logistics market. And we offer the best solution to the user according to his preferences. Not based on an individual business,” described by Alexander Gansen.

Shipitwise’s also one of the first companies to start fundraising on a startup marketbase, Funderbeam that’s about to officially open tomorrow. Their plan is to collect 250 000 euros for investment.

“Funderbeam’s the same innovative approach to investments, as our approach is to logistics or Transferwise to the money market. Old economy doesn’t understand this yet, but it’s already afraid. In reality, however, the philosophy of those businesses is to make the best choices for the user,” said Gansen.

The future of the company is seen as such that in a three-year period they’ll cover Western Europe. And they’ll later move across the world, starting with the United States and the African market.

“Technologically, we’ll make shipping as easy for people as ordering Uber or sending a text. Enter what you want to send or take a picture. Select the destination, and the rest, from packing to choosing the best service option, is done by Shipitwise,” described Gansen.

This article was first published on 20th of April in Estonian to a local newspaper, Postimees.

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