Shipitwise #MeetTheStartups

You have already had a chance to see the list of our teams in the new batch. Now it is time to get close and personal with them by understanding how they see the life itself!

Startup Wise Guys BusinessTech 2016 presents: Shipitwise

Shipitwise is an easy and transparent international business shipping for merchants. They also serve individuals. Go to for their beta application.

It was founded in August 2015 by three founders: Aleksander Gansen (CEO), Olari Miiter (COO) and Ragmar Saksing (CTO).

Team also consists of Priit Kallas (marketing), Helen Kokk (designer, UK/UI), Anna Medjanskaja (logistics), Ako Tulu (developer) and Sander Gansen (founder support).

1) Who is your dream angel investor? Why?

The one with lots of cash and connections. Why would anybody wish another kind? In reality, we are not looking towards angel investors, perhaps venture capital but even that is not decided.

2) What is your current favourite startup? Why?

Transferwise for disrupting their industry.

3) What is the one question you would like to get an answer to?

How to hire right people?

4) Who is your biggest competitor and how are you planning to crush them?

Shyp in the US, Shiply in the UK and Uber in few years. We should offer better customer experience and marketing strategies.

5) Would your team rather only drink room temperature coffee or attend the same networking event, every day, Monday to Friday, for the rest of 2016? Why?

Business is all about pitching and networking. But after you network, there’s need for room temperature coffee to do your job and serve the customers.

Articles about them:

Throughout the next weeks, we will be posting articles about the teams in our new batch. Stay tuned and look for #MeetTheStartups.

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