SLUSH 2015 review

SLUSH 2015 was fun, but was it worth going there?

SLUSH is the focal point for startups and tech talent to meet with top-tier international investors, executives and media. This year, Slush brought together 15.000 attendees and more than 1700 startups for the two-day event.

Startup community of Nordics and Estonia gathered from 11th to 12th of November to celebrate the event of this year – SLUSH 2015. Tickets to this event cost over 500€, but fortunately we had won five of them with our last startup, QuikTract.

Five Stages for Presentations.

SLUSH 2015 hosted almost 150 presenters, who were talking on subjects like Investing, Internet of Things and Games. There was something for everyone, but I especially liked two of them.

First, Kristo Käärmann was talking about TransferWise, where he suggested that companies culture has to be put over your own ego. At the same time, keeping your clients happy, is even more important. He also said: “No drama, good karma – doing a startup is hard enough”, meaning one should keep things simple, when building a startup.

Second, Michael Baum was promoting his party that was happening after the second day.  In his talk, he brought out the three main problems that startups have. They do not solve big enough problem with a team that has the right DNA, telling a powerful story.

People, who were there.

There were many great booths at SLUSH, like the e-Estonia one that was giving away free LaMuu ice cream (fantastic – I had se7en) and Fleep. Also, people were able to touch and even sit in a Tesla.

But at the same time, there were somewhat too many Analytics and Food Delivery startups, in my mind. These are also problems, but I think Michael Baum would not qualify them as big problem solvers.

Even though, there were thousands of people at SLUSH, I would still say that Estonians rocked the most. After all, we were presenting Starship. Lingvist was celebrating their new investment round. And our team, Shipitwise, got the best feedback about what to do next mostly from Estonian CEO’s.

Does it sound fun enough for you to go there next year?