Uber changed its logo – so what?

Some of you might have noticed Uber‘s new branding. Instead of the “U” we all knew and loved, there’s a bit and an atom.

What does it mean for us? Depends who’s asking. It doesn’t really change much for the driver that takes me from yet another networking event to home. Nor does it mean much for me. I’m still a person, who needs a ride home.

Of course, we can soon use Uber to order food home. Take our stuff to hidden locations. And one day make cars drive without our help. But is there anything that has changed for us TODAY?

Well, for one thing we know that Uber‘s planning on something big. As they say: “We leave no bit or atom unturned to create create industries that serve people—and not the other way around.”

But that’s their story.

For us at Shipitwise it’s on.

It shows our vision for shipping is more than worth pursuing. We’ve always known that shipping is a big industry. We’ve felt it. Some have raised in it. Yes, we’re looking at you Anna. Anyway shipping’s getting sexy!

What’s going to happen in shipping in next years?

  • P2P shipping services will get more popular. There’s already some in most countries. But more people start using those systems.
  • More shipping companies start focusing on the individual client. Travelers need to ship their stuff. But there’s no convenient way to do it so far.
  • They’ll also make their pricing more transparent. And cheaper. When 2 companies give a price that’s over 3x different, then someone’s doing wrong things.
  • There’ll be no more bidding for shipping companies. Those companies don’t offer any new value. Truck drivers simply receive less money. Or people simply don’t get a service at all.
  • SME’s can start selling internationally. There’ll be some, who’ll connect individuals and small companies. In different countries. Across the world.

There’s going to be many more interesting changes. Some that we still cannot dream of. But one day they’ll be a norm. Until that, enjoy Uber’s new logo!

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