Project: University #6 – Waiting for UCAS answers to come

Finally there have been some responses from some of the universities, although there are a few yet to give me their decision. Other than that I have also started to have doubts about what, where and when. You can read all about them if you just keep reading!

Hereby I return to keep You updated with the topic of me applying to university. I truly hope that reading my blog posts will inspire You to apply to different universities all-over the world. Maybe they will even help You get Your applications going and if You have any questions You cannot find UCAS answers from elsewhere, then feel free to ask me.

Applying to the UK (via UCAS)

Having been to the interviews at Cambridge really made me get my hopes up and I was already thinking how nice it would be to get to the university and spend those three years with all the others I met at the interviews.But after returning from England, I had almost no news from any of the universities, except for Warwick, who was asking me to provide my predicted grades to them, just once again – this time I finally managed to pursue my head teacher into making those and I sent these to them.

After that I had to wait some more, while some of my friends already started to get their responses (most of them were unfortunately unsuccessful). Then one day, I finally got my letter as well, saying that I had been pooled by Magdalene, which in a way was a good thing to happen, as it was indicating that I was not a complete failure. A few weeks later, I still managed to get a response, saying that my application had also been unsuccessful.

This made me think, whether I wanted to go to the UK at all, at least this year and to this course. I started to look at my other options, only to find out that the only ones I still had were universities in Estonia (I simply have no language qualification for the ones in Germany or Austria for example). After giving it some thought, I was sure that I had made up my mind to say no to all of the universities in the UK for this year, take a “gap” year, where I would study in Estonia and then try again to get accepted to Cambridge this time, after all, I had already been pooled, meaning there was only a small step to go for getting accepted.

I was completely sure about this decision until today, when I got a response from the University of Durham, who had given me a reasonable conditional offer, meaning that now I have to decide once again, whether I want to go to Durham or take a gap year and then try once again to get into Cambridge.

Well, fortunately I still have some time to make the decision!


  1. Hi,

    I read your posts about HSPS at Cambridge and I wanted to know if there was any feedback you could provide me with before going into the interview? I have done quite a bit of outside reading, and read around by submitted work titles. Is there anything else you would suggest me doing?

    By the way, were you a student of the IB?

    Best regards,

    • Let’s have chat in Facebook? You’re able to find me under the name of Sander Gansen. 🙂

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