Weekly Reading: Bots are taking over

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We’ve just launched Shipitwise‘s Funderbeam campaign to raise 250’000€. And already have 14’000€ committed. Meanwhile, thanks to Eamonn Carey, I’ve finally understood the fuss around bots. And that what’s coming truly is great!


Bots are taking over.

Building vr teams to atomize jobs.

  • Building a tech team outside of Silicon Valley. There’s loads of talent outside the Valley. And using them seems logical when focusing on the product. Because they have local product expertise and customer empathy. And they want lower salaries.
  • VR is a dud. VR investment is smoking hot! And there are so many amazing rigs coming soon! If it weren’t amazing, why is it top of mind? The denizens of the Valley are tired of looking at their phones.
  • We should be worried about job atomization, not job automation. Don’t blame the robots. Our economy is already winnowing jobs as we knew them. While the tsunami of automation still gathers on the horizon. This isn’t job destruction, but job atomization. The replacement of long-term, full-time work.
  • Good news: automation already destroyed most of the jobs. A lot of people worry that robots will take everyone’s job. One study found that almost half of all jobs are capable of being automated over the next two decades.

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