Weekly Reading: Is the winter coming then?

Weekly Readings are a series of blog posts highlighting the best pieces of content I’ve read or listened to during the week. Give me feedback if you enjoy it. And suggestions if you don’t. Just to make it better for other guys.

This week there’s been lots of talk about the winter in funding. Like any other week. But perhaps it’s still not coming after all?

Best bought of this week

Interesting founds

  • Glitch Mob (thanks to Tim) – They’re great to listen to, while writing or trying to concentrate on something else.


Building your secret

Winter is coming?

Fun reads

  • Hackathon Be Gone. Amazing projects come out of hackathons, e.g. Garage48 events. However, the process isn’t all that great. Here’s an idea how to make it better. Although, I think there’s still a bubble there – more on that later.
  • Confessions Of A VC. Crap – Why I Passed On Uber’s Seed Round. We can only learn from the mistakes we’ve done. Not repeat them. And listen. That’s what this VC will be doing from now on.
  • Game Time Decisions (Comic). Entrepreneurship’s a game. That’s the only way to think if you want to survive. And accelerate. So simply rewrite the rules. And win.

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