Weekly Reading: It’s all about sales

Weekly Readings are a series of blog posts highlighting the best pieces of content I’ve read or listened to during the week. Give me feedback if you enjoy it. And suggestions if you don’t. Just to make it better for other guys.

Having a great product isn’t enough. Nor is a fantastic service. Unless you’ve been doing sales throughout building it. We know it. But don’t do it.

TED Talks

How are your sales going?


Fun reads

  • Growing Up Is Hard To Do. Startups start by fighting against the world. But at one time, all of them have to grow up. That’s what many of them are now getting to.
  • The Full-Stack Startup. The old approach was to sell or licence your technology to others. The new is to build an end-to-end product or service.
  • The Runway And Cargo Cults. A new kind of Fairy Tale about startups.


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